mia spa range


The MIA Aesthetic Spa Range has been innovatively formulated a professional pedicure system that guarantees visual results.  We selected concentrated active ingredients to create results and maximize customer satisfaction and experience. The MIA Aesthetic Spa Range consists of MIA Pedi Aesthetics and MIA Beauty Basics for professional use in your clinic, spa or salon. 

MIA SurgiSolution is an advanced Heel Peel that makes Pedicures quick, easy with ultimate results that guarantees client satisfaction.

With our extensive MIA Retail Range, your clients can take their spa experience home.

Mia Spa Range

MIA surgisolution

A heel peel formulated to adchieve fast and long lasting results, leaving feet soft and callous feet.


At Macno we realized that not all clients have identical pedicure needs.  MIA Pedi Aesthetics has formulated an advanced pedicure system that focuses on compromised areas on the feet with a but relaxing client experience. 

The MIA Pedi Aesthetics Range is formulated to give your clients long-lasting results, focussing on the dry areas around the heel, hydrating nails and nourishing cuticles. 

We provide an overall superior approach to pedicures with products containing aesthetic grade ingredients.


The MIA Spa Range has been designed to ensure ultimate client satisfaction while providing you, the beauty professional and effective method to treat problematic feet. The MIA Range is affordable and economical, saving you product cost and extending your bottom line.



Step 1

Apply MIA Mourishing Jelly to all areas of healthy skin. Place cotton pads soaked in MIA SurgiSolution on the areas to be treated, taking care to avoid healthy skin.


Step 2

Leave the cotton pads in place for 10 – 15min. Continue with the pedicure and preparation of the nail as always.


Step 3

Now gently remove the cotton pads and discard.


Step 4

Use a spatula or scaper to scrap the dead ski cells from the area treatedwith MIA SurgiSolution.


Step 5

Now use a foot file or a buffer and gently buff the treated area.


Step 6

To complete the treatment, soak the feet in luke warm water with MIA Peppermint Foot Soak.

Mia Spa Range


MIA Pedi Aesthetics is a professional pedicure system that focusses on visible results. Available exclusively to beauty salon owners, our specialist treatments have been scientifically formulated to target specific concerns. Our superior-quality MIA Pedi Aesthetics Range provides specialist products ensure that all treatments are delivered safely, hygienically and efficiently. Mia SurgiSolution is a heel peel that focusses on the dry, calloused areas of the feet with a keratolytic effect on dry skin cells.

Mia Spa Range


Combining advanced scientific technologies, processes and medical aesthetic ingredients each MIA Spa Range product has been formulated to deliver effective, visible results that actively address the variety of foot experienced by women of different ages, ethnicities and lifestyles.The MIA Spa Range made in South Africa and has been specifically formulated to address the everyday exposure to some of the harshest and most visibly damaging environmental elements.

Mia Spa Range

clients can take their spa experience home

The MIA Spa Range has been specifically formulated to address the everyday exposure of the skin of the feet to  damaging environmental elements.  If we give our feet the care they deserve, we will all have perfectly beautiful feet.  Being hidden most of the time and often forgetton until we have to wear open shoes. With the MIA Spa Range you will not have to do damage control, instead take your spa experience home for prolonged effects to ensure beautiful heels and attractive feet with daily care.