Salon specifics


Macno Aesthetic Solutions is a proud distributor of Salon Specifics.


Salon Specifics, has been working continuously for over 20 years to develop products that not only meet and exceed local salon expectations, but international standards too. Continuous innovation coupled with rigorous testing over the last two decades has culminated in a range of products that we are proud of and we know you’ll love them, too.

Salon Specifics won’t offer anything less. It’s got to be perfect.

Nothing but the best is good enough for your salon.

From the careful sourcing of the finest quality raw materials, through to rigorous production control and ISO 22716 accreditation, our quality assurance is an ongoing process that results in products of a consistently excellent standard.

We use the highest quality, tried and tested ingredients, producing consistent, market leading products that give you the confidence to deliver professional treatments to your clients.

Salon Specifics products are locally made and cruelty-free, meaning that you’re supporting our local community and investing in sustainably sourced products – it’s a win, win. Your success is our success, and we love nothing more than to see your salon thrive.

Salon Specifics


Manufactured in South Africa, the brand is committed to supporting local suppliers and to the use of sustainably sourced natural ingredients wherever possible. In line with our industry principles, Salon Specifics has, and always will be, proudly cruelty-free.

We’re more than just wax. Our innovations are driven by our passion, understanding and commitment to you and your business. Each product you use is tested and developed with you in mind. Expect more for your salon. Expect more from Salon Specifics.

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